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Criminal Defense Attorney

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A criminal conviction can change your life, from a prison sentence to ways that aren't foreseeable. In an instant doors that were open to you can be shut, sometimes permanently. When faced with criminal charges, having an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney and DUI defense attorney on your team can mean the difference between a prison sentence and a diminished sentence or even dismissed charges.

Everyone has the right to legal counsel that will zealously defend them. Whether you’re innocent or guilty, it’s important that you exercise your legal right to an attorney who can protect your freedoms and defend you in court. San Angelo criminal attorney Todd C. Simons has the experience and the dedication to help you.


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Criminal Law

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is in your best interest. An attorney can explain your rights, the criminal process, and the possible outcomes for your case.

At The Law Office of Todd C. Simons, criminal law is our area of expertise. No matter the nature of your crime, Attorney Simons has knowledge that can be beneficial for the outcome of your case. Over the years, he has represented clients facing various criminal charges, including drug offenses, DWI, DUI, assault, theft, domestic violence, gun-related charges, sex crimes, murder, and homicide. 

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Juvenile Law

Minors are just as capable of breaking the law as adults, but the consequences can be very different in and outside of the courtroom. If your child has been charged with or accused of a crime, consider the advantages of consulting a juvenile law attorney.

Juvenile law is different than the regular law in many ways, and an attorney that is well-versed in juvenile law is the best choice to represent your child. At The Law Office of Todd C. Simons, juvenile law is one of our areas of expertise.

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Work with our DUI Defense Lawyer

If criminal charges or an investigation threaten you, your loved ones or your business, then you should seek a criminal defense lawyer, assault defense lawyer, or DUI defense lawyer who is fully prepared to protect you from the serious consequences of a criminal accusation. Your choice of an attorney should not be made hastily, but rather by contacting an attorney early in the case, you can protect your rights.

Whether you are facing an allegation of DWI or DUI, possession of drugs (including marijuana, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine), assault, theft, domestic violence, gun-related charges, sex crimes, murder or homicide, Todd C. Simons has experience successfully defending those accused of the very charges you are facing. 


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