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About Todd C. Simons


No one wants to be judged by the worst thing they ever did, whether they are being judged inside the courtroom or outside. Worse still is to be judged by the worst thing one has ever been wrongly accused of doing. Todd C. Simons' representation includes standing by and guiding his client through this most difficult of times. He will fight for the best outcome for the client and toward a fruitful and successful life after the charges are disposed of.

For seven years Todd worked as a prosecutor seeking justice. He handled the entire misdemeanor docket as well as a significant portion of the felony docket. During this time, he gained experience trying cases such as DWIs, assault, family violence, drug possession cases and cases involving deadly weapons. He also tried and worked on cases involving sex offenses and even murder.

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From drug offenses and DWI charges to misdemeanors, Todd C. Simons has seen it all. For a strong defense from a dedicated attorney, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.