All People Are Worthy Of A Defense And Fair Treatment Under The Law

Here For You On Your Worst Days

No one deserves to be judged for the worst thing they ever did, whether it happened inside the courtroom or in everyday life. It is even worse when you are wrongly accused of a crime you didn’t commit. I am attorney Todd C. Simons, and I founded my firm in San Angelo with the goal of guiding my clients through some of the most challenging times of their lives.

My representation includes standing by my clients and fighting to protect their futures. At the Law Office of Todd C. Simons, I believe that everyone is worthy of a defense. When working on a case, I consider the entire life of my client instead of just the crime they are accused of committing to help build a defense. With 16 years of experience practicing law and acquiring extensive litigation experience, I provide my clients with competent and compassionate criminal defense representation.

Fighting For Your Future

I worked as a prosecutor for seven years on misdemeanors and felonies. During this time, I gained experience trying cases such as those involving driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, assault, family violence, drug possession and deadly weapons. I have also worked on cases involving sex offenses and murder. I have seen both sides of criminal cases, and I am able to present your case in anticipation of how I know a prosecutor works.

Before my work as a lawyer, I was a high school English teacher, an electrician and a surveyor. This wealth of diverse experience is an asset that benefits my clients and enhances my legal representation. Giving back and participating in my community is important to me, and I served on the board for West Texas Counseling & Guidance (WTCG) for 10 years. I was also on the Tom Green County Library board and the Adult Literacy Counsel board.

When you work with me, you are getting more than a lawyer. You are getting a steadfast ally who will fight for your future. You can count on me to protect your rights if you’re facing a charge for a violent crime or need a solid DWI defense.

You Deserve Dedicated Representation

I have seen everything from drug offenses and DWI charges to misdemeanors. Everyone deserves to have their rights protected, and I dedicate myself to fighting for my clients. Contact the Law Office of Todd C. Simons in Texas today to schedule a free consultation by calling 325-276-4689 or filling out an online contact form.